Janitt in Bramalea

When: Built circa 1970-1971

Where: Briar Path (B-Section) and Darras Court (D-Section)

Who: Janitt

What I Know: First of all, a special thank you is in order to Lynne who provided me with the plans for these houses. Thank you!

The houses were built under the Home Ownership Made Easy Plan (H.O.M.E. Plan) like many other houses in Bramalea.

The architecture of the two townhouse complexes is characterized by neo-Mansard style roof lines. These roofs roll down the facades and visually make the houses look less tall. Interestingly, the depictions of the facades in some of the advertisements and the sales brochure show projections around the top floor windows, but the houses were built without them.

Inside, all of the plans have a one-and-a-half story ceiling in the living room with a large picture window, and the room is located half a flight of stairs up from the entry level. The landscaping of the complexes is designed so that the front of the units are 3-stories tall, while the land raises up at the back, making them 2-and-a-half stories tall, with the living room exiting out to ground level.

Only Darras Court has the 5-bedroom plans, made possible by a bridge link on the second floor between adjacent rows.


70 oct 31

Toronto Star, October 31, 1970


71 jan 2

Toronto Star, January 2, 1971

71 june 5

Toronto Star, June 5, 1971

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