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My heart is in Bramalea, Ontario

Bio: Welcome to my Blog! I am an Architectural Historian/Suburban Geographer and Real Estate Broker of Record with Engel & Volkers Ottawa Central. I have a passion for suburban housing design, and have a personal collection of over 40,000 builder's floor plans, and hundreds of articles from periodicals. I grew up in Bramalea and Brampton and am intrigued with the history of Canada's first suburban satellite city - It actually became the subject of study for my Master's degree thesis.

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  1. Thank you for the walk down memory lane. My family moved to the A section October 1960 & then to Beechwood Cres. in 1964. I looked at the floor plan of our 2 storyb4 bedroom home & went back in time.

  2. Bonnie Bramalea! I love it! I remember her well. We moved into the E section on Grey Cup Day 1968. We moved to the B section in 1990 into what had been “the most expensive house” and then to our present home in the L section in 2001. Thanks – blog is great!

  3. Wow! What a great trip down memory lane for me. We bought our home on Avondale Blvd. At the time we had two little girls and subsequently had our boy, all of whom went to Public School and on to graduate from Bramalea Secondary. Made wonderful friends and watched our children grow surrounded by many others, some of whom we are still in touch with. Jennifer being one of them!!! Our families attended the same Church.

  4. Our home on Elrose Rd was a government sponsored Home Ownership Made Easy dwelling. The model homes on Edenborough south of Clark were semi-detached only. Floor plans for the detached units were displayed in the sales office but my wife and I had to go out into the subdivision to find one under construction to actually walk through a model. If I remember correctly, these H.O.M.E. prooerties sold like hotcakes and Bramalea Consolidated didn’t need fancy brochures and floor plans to sell them. They passed out price lists and the buyers could take it or leave it.

  5. We had a house on Esplanade , also agoverment sponserd
    3 bedroom 1050 sq feet bungalow no garage $ 23000.00total price
    we lived there for 17 years

  6. Can you post anything on the lower D section, as in Dorset Drive, Dalraith Cres, Darlington Cres, Dunwich Place and Dalton Place. I think that was the 1st phase of D section.

  7. My family were the first to move into th D Section on may 6, 1966. They moved into “VANITY FLAIR” 30 Dearbourne Blvd, Bramalea

  8. I’m also a historian (medieval Europe) and a Bramalea pioneer. I grew up in the A section in the 70s and early 80s. My folks bought their house on Addington in ’61, I think. I’d be interested in looking at some of this through the lens of critics such as Lefebvre, Edward Soja, and David Harvey. Thanks for posting this stuff. It’s all quite fascinating.

    • Hi David! As part of my PhD research I will actually be looking at Bramalea through the lens of various geographic theories and will likely touch on Lefebvre, Soja and Harvey. As I progress in my research I hope to post on my findings and theories about the landscape of Bramalea! Stay tuned.

      • I certainly will. Though I focus on a kind of ecclesiastical-cultural history (looking at preaching literature and the development of book culture in the MA), I have a “side interest” in spatiality and urban design in medieval Europe. I’ve just published an article on a Romanesque architectural-spatial assemblage called the “kerkenkruis” (i.e., cross of churches) in medieval Utrecht. So, as I say, I’m quite interested in your work! All the best!

  9. Hi!! I love your blog. I live just in front of the Lisa buildings – at Clark and Terese Rd. What section is that? My whole life I felt left out when people would say what seciton they live in and in my block it was Lincoln Court, Sandringham, Franklin and Carleton! We’re a part of Bramalea too, no?

    • Hello Michelle!

      I have been meaning to do a blog post on your area for quite some time…so your comment will be the push I need to make my next post on the “section without a letter” – which it definitely a part of Bramalea!!

      Stay tuned,

  10. Great blog! Are you planning on looking at the M-section? I’d be particularly interested in knowing if you can find any reasons why certain streets in the M-section don’t start with ‘M’. Is this the case in any other sections? This takes place mostly on streets along Mackay St north and south.

  11. Great Blog! just amazed at how many memories come back reading all these posts.My family bought a place on Fallingdale in summer ’68,it was a 4-Bed semi-detached,nothing across the highway but dirt fields,attended kindergarten at Eastbourne for half the year ’69 and then Folkstone when it was completed right through to grade 6 in ’76.Remember watching my dad work on the Chinguacousy Library and the Bramalea City Center,also the building of Chinguacousy Park…great place to grow up.We bought a new house on Mansfield in ’77 where I attended North Park…after Chrysler was bulit Bramalea became too busy,i graduated and moved to Vancouver Island,really miss the old Bramalea and the friends I made…

    • Hi Robert – My family bought on Folkstone in 1969 and I attended Eastbourne for kindergarten and Folkstone P.S. until gr. 6, as well. As I recall, I knew a kid named Robert who lived in a semi on Fallingdale – on the corner adjacent to the walkway providing access to the Catholic school behind Fallingdale. If this is you – hello old friend!
      – Kevin

      • hey there Kevin,our house was on Fallingdale facing hwy#7,#86,i had Mr.Kitto for 5&6,Burt Bushey (he lived at #44) and I use to walk down to the walkway going to the greenbelt with his dog “Queen” each morning before heading off to earnscliffe,who was in your group?

      • Hi Robert,

        I remember you now – I believe we knew each other at Folkstone and later at Chinguacousy SS. You had an older sister and your surname begins with M?


  12. I still do own a house in E section and it is still leased, years ago we did get a letter asking if we want to buy it out and stupid us listened to the bank. Interest was high and we did not have the extra money at the time and there was only 7% on land lease so we stuck with it,

  13. Your blog is absolutely wonderful for me. Our family moved into the A section – I’m unsure exactly when, probably the late 50’s, early 60’s. We lived in a duplex house on Algonquin Blvd, when across the road there were only cornfields and a river further down from our house. Do you have any house details of these duplex houses? Many thanks for any help you can give.

  14. My parents live on Geneva Crescent (East Side Cumberland Manor Area). The model/plan of their home is “The Carleton”, it is identical to the SouthDown Estates model in Clarkson by Bramalea Consolidated Developments Ltd. There are also other homes on Geneva Crescent that resemble other models of the SouthDown Estates.

  15. Also on Geneva Crescent I have been told the first 5-6 models homes to be built there were the same models as Place des Artistes. Then something happened and they ended up building different models (same as the SouthDown Estates in Clarkson) for the rest of the street.

  16. Hey Saul- thanks for your work with the blog. My family rented on Ashwood crescent for the first 6 months of ’68 and I finished kindergarten at Aloma PS. My parents bought in Peel Village after that. I’d be interested in history and documentation for that part of Brampton if you have it. Cheers.

  17. I’m wondering if you know the purpose of the tiny little door on the side of some of the homes in the A section. It’s about a 1x1foot square

    • It is an old milk door…back from when milk would be delivered to houses. That way milk, or even parcels could be delivered to the house and the delivery person could put things in the box, and then they could be accessed from the inside. My grandparents had one on their house in Etobicoke! Thanks for the memory.

  18. Hey Saul – have you tried to reach out to the Balmoral Homeowners Association in North York? Bramalea buried a time capsule in the roundabout parkette in the Balmoral subdivision (roundabout is between Joel Swirsky Blvd and Bowring Walk).
    In 2014, they revealed the time capsule. From Facebook posts, it seemed like all was destroyed except for a video tape from Bramalea of the area. Maybe try reach out to them. A lot members are original owners. I am sure you will be able to retain a bit of Bramalea info… http://www.balmoralha.org/

  19. Hello Saul, I have discovered an old historical video with some public transit information on Bramalea from the 1970s which contains some very old footage of the transportation system at the time as well as some outdoor shots of the Bramalea City Center and lots of footage of the new neighbourhoods at the time. The “Bramalea Bus” is discussed in it. It can be seen here:

    Also, are you aware of the underground tunnel that used to run from the Civic Center (library) to the City Center (somewhere near The Bay)? I believe the entrance was at the bottom of the stairs (seen in the photo link below) and would end up just inside the doors at the outside entrance to The Bay across the parking lot. Any information on that? I don’t remember ever using this pedestrian tunnel but I think it was a little before my time.

    And last, I came across an interesting Brampton Transit map from 1980 – which shows some earlier street/road alignments at the time – very interesting. It’s before Highway 410 went in. The map can be seen here:

    If you wish to reply, please reply in this topic as I rarely check my emails 🙂

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