Heritage Series: Phase One and Two

When: Built circa 1980-1983

Where: Phase One: Nanport Street (parts), Nutmeg Street, Nemo Crescent, Northgate Boulevard (parts). Phase Two: Norma Crescent, Northgate Boulevard (parts).

Who: Bramalea Limited, some houses built by Bellex Homes in Phase One

What I Know: The houses in Phase One are on 30-foot and 36-foot wide lots, depending on the plan. In Phase Two, the plans fit on 30-foot wide lots, but there are some 36-foot wide lots on Norma Crescent which allow for a wider garage. All of the houses on Northgate Boulevard are 30-foot wide lots and thus have a single car garage.

The houses in Phase One range between 1300 to just under 2000 square feet and some of the plans are the same as the King’s Row Limited Edition, in the L-Section. In comparison, the plans for Phase Two are smaller and all are under 1300 square feet – and were comparatively less expensive. I am missing one plan from Phase Two, but it appears to be the same as the Carlisle from Finchgate Estates in the F-Section.

The southwest portion of Nanport Street was built by a small builder called Bellex Homes. Their designs are smaller and do not have ensuite bathrooms, and this is reflected in the lower prices when first built. The southeast section of the street has different plans, but I am unsure if they were built by Bellex Homes as well, or a different builder.

The N-Section has some hilly sections, including this area. The east side of Northgate Boulevard and southwest part of Nanport Street have houses with a distinctive long slope of the garage roof due to the rolling landscape.


Steeply sloping garage roofs due to the change in grade on Nanport Street. Notice the number of steps up to the front doors. Courtesy of Google Maps.

There are three sections on Northgate Boulevard where there is a very large space between the houses: near Nanport Street and near Northampton Street (shown below). There is enough space to fit a house between, yet the lots on either side are very wide instead. I am not certain why this was done. Does anyone know?


Large spaces between some houses on Northgate Boulevard. Courtesy of Bing Maps.81may9

Toronto Star, May 9, 198181may30

Toronto Star, May 30, 1981.

Am I the only one who is somewhat  insulted by an article about a neighbourhood named for Canadian heritage…and they spell honours the American way (honors)!?81nov28

Toronto Star, November 28, 1981 82apr10

Toronto Star, April 10, 198282may22

Toronto Star, May 22, 1982


Toronto Star, October 9, 1982 82oct30

Toronto Star, October 30, 1982


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