A-Section: A City is Born

When: The very first area of houses in Bramalea were built circa 1959 and were occupied in 1960 .

Where: The eastern half of the A-Section, between Bramalea Road and Aloma Park and Addington Park, and south of Algonqiun Boulevard.

Who: Built by V. V. DeMarco Properties Ltd., Westbury-at-Bramalea, Sylvan Construction Co. Ltd., Bren-Bar-Kay Construction Co. Ltd.

What I Know: These plans represent the model homes – but many different designs were built.

A unique aspect of the A-Section is that the semi-detached and detached houses are intermixed (50% of each kind), whereas in later years they were often built in separate sections. The dream of Bramalea was to include housing for “all walks of life”,  so the wide variety of plans in this area was the first step towards this goal.


Toronto Daily Star, November 22, 1958


The Globe and Mail, July 25, 1959
59sept12Toronto Daily Star, September 12, 1959


Toronto Daily Star, September 12, 1959

Sometimes I find historic floor plans in the most unlikely places. Thanks to inter-library loans, I was able to recently track down these plans at Waterloo University Library!

003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 0041 0051 0061 0071 0081 0091 0101


When: Built circa 1964-1965.

Where: Northeast of Balmoral Drive and Dixie Road.

Who: Built by Bramalea Construction (Peel) Limited

What I Know: The floor plans for the houses in the B-Section south of Balmoral Drive were different and distinguished by numbers, whereas in this phase the plans were all given fantastic names (what is a Lyric Holiday?).

I apologize for the quality of some of these plans, but they are the only copies I have.


Toronto Daily Star, September 12, 196465feb13

Toronto Daily Star, February 13, 1965.

31 model homes!! I remember when 26 model homes at Springdale in the 1990s was a big deal! The other neighbourhoods, the “Twin Homes” and “Bramalea on the Park” are in the C-Section, and “Bramalea Woods”  is in the L-Section.65mar13

Toronto Daily Star, March 13, 196565may8

Toronto Daily Star, May 8, 1965

image_123986672 (1)



A very special thank you to Jeryl for sending me these colour versions of the plans to post!

image_123986672image_123986672 (5)image_123986672 (4)image_123986672 (3)image_123986672 (2)

These are the photocopied version of the plans that I have on file:

003 004 005 006
0031 0041 0051 0052 0061

The next few plans are sadly cut off. Fortunately, I have articles/larger versions of two of them!0062 0063 0072

An article and blueprint from Canadian Builder, April 1964:a b c d e


Also from Canadian Builder April 1964:f g