Autumn Glen

When: Built circa 1973

Where: Autumn Boulevard, south of Algonquin Boulevard

Who: Putwell Construction

What I Know: This small in-fill development consists of 10 semi-detached houses in the A-Section built later than most of the houses in the area that were contructed during the 1960s. The designs are unusual as they have attached garages, and the majority of houses in the A-Section do not have attached garages  – probably to save costs when they were first built.

An older map I have indicates that a Baptist church was on the north part of the land near the corner of Algonquin Boulevard. I suspect that this building has been turned in to the Rowntree Montessori School – so perhaps when the church became a school the land behind this building was sold off to build the 10 houses. The website for the Bramalea Baptist Church (located at the northwest corner of Dixie Road and Queen Street East) states that the church was founded in 1963 and has expanded over the years. Maybe the building that is now the Montessori school was the original location of this congregation? I would love to find out, so if you know anything about this land and/or the buildings on it please let me know!


The Toronto Star, July 28, 1973

birds eye

Image courtesy of Google Maps.

One thought on “Autumn Glen

  1. My family were pioneers of the original Bramalea Baptist church, first gathering on Sundays in the Clark Blvd school gym (I believe) then buying the lot at the corner of Autumn and Algonquin. We had a portable for a number of years until the existing building was erected. The adjacent land was for parking. Any dates are vague in my mind at this point. When the new structure at Queen and Dixie was built, the Autumn church was sold, first as a day care, I believe, then became a. Montessori school. Hope this is helpful.

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